Website Marketing Services

Is your business and your website maximizing the methods to capture online traffic?

Is your website building your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even while you sleep?  Are you making sales while you sleep?  Are you getting an ROI from your website?

During this challenging economic times, your website and your on-line marketing efforts can do more.  A lot more.

Smarter Web Solutions, LLC offers the following services to help you do just that!


Building a List of Customers:

For any business, it’s all about the list of customers. Collect contact information such as emails and names from people who like your product or service and want to do more business with you in the future. We do it all – setting up the contact capture form on your website and setting up software that will allow you to send offers and other great information to your prospects and customers with a push of a button – even while you sleep!

We can also assist with writing and setting up tailored messages to welcome new subscribers, website landing page for new subscribers, and follow up messages to welcome them to your company (information regarding services, products and more).

Google Places

Did you know that you can list your business with Google? Did you know that Google WANTS you to list your business with them?

For less than the cost of a static yellow page ad in a phone book which never changes, you can have a listing in Google which includes your business name, address, business phone, category of services, pictures of your business, and even short videos! Customers can even rank the quality of service and leave comments for other customers to see. So when your future customer does a local geographic search and types in the name of the city or community you live in plus the service or product they need, Google displays your business name and location with a push pin on a map. How cool is that?!

Get Your Business on Google Places $225.00


Website / SEO Evaluation

How well does your website perform in the Search Engines?  Is your website Search Engine friendly?  Does Google like your website or is your website buried and lost on page 45 of Google?

Remove the doubt.  Get a free Website SEO Evaluation today and find out what your website needs to rank high with Google and your customers.

We will provide a written summary of the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, and compare it with other local competitor's websites for your business. Specifically, we will look at four (4) basic but important areas of SEO:

  • On-Page Optimization – proper use of title tags, keyword density, internal linking, etc
  • Keyword Analysis – keywords that are important for this niche or business
  • Competition Analysis – competitors ranking on the first page of Google
  • Backlinks – how many links on other websites link to your website

Pricing: $125.00 Free for limited time



We can help you establish a blog website or improve on what you already have started. Services include:

  • creating a new blog account on your domain and on your own webhost server
  • setting up a new blog website
  • adding software to make it SEO friendly
  • adding links from your blog to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and
  • one (1) hour of instruction via Skype on how to add content to your blog.

Don't want to deal with a blog but you want the benefits? We can do it all for you!

Create and install a new blog on a domain  $250.00

Do it all for you – install blog and ad timely updates Get a quote