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With SiteSell Services, it simply doesn’t make sense to let someone else build your site.


sitesell-services-bottomlineSmarter Web Solutions, LLC, has been helping people succeed with the help of SiteSell Services.

Why use SiteSell services?

Isn’t a website good enough?

To be honest, no.

Quickly get the attention and approval of both human visitors and Search Engines. Here’s how…

Let’s compare building your business website with a typical local webmaster and SiteSell Services through Smarter Web Solutions, LLC:


  Regular Web site SiteSell Services SBI!-Built Web Site
Introduction to your Specialist and the Services Webmaster often only briefly reviews your long-term plans and simply begins work. Included – Specialist contacts you and collects all details about your site plans and topic.
Solid Keyword Research Only in some cases will this be provided and you will be paying extra $ for it. Included – Full investigation of high potential keywords. Specialist will find keywords that real people are searching for.
Creation of Site Blueprint Maybe, but in most cases this will not be provided Included – Full Site Blueprint for current and future use, worth hundreds of dollars
Domain Name Recommendations and Registration Most Webmasters give hardly any advice about domain names ; some companies even make you do the registration yourself. Included – Specialist gives advice and registers domain for you – no hassle.
Look & Feel Site Design and Upload Usually, too much attention goes into design and no attention into getting traffic. These are the wrong priorities. Included – Exclusive Search Engine-friendly template design based on your business and focused on attracting traffic.
Draft Content Creation Nearly always you are 100% responsible for content creation. This assumes you know how and what to write, with no direction Included – Powerful keyword-focused draft content is prepared, and then given to you to put your own unique voice into it.
Solid Start to Success Most regular site builds have no solid foundation so future growth is limited or fails dismally. Included – From the start your Web site is done the right way with the right tools. Carefully created pages set the foundation for your online success.
Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Pages Most Webmasters don’t SEO your pages because they don’t know how to do it. You end up with a site that Search Engines ignore or rank poorly. Included – Content that please visitors and Search Engines. All pages are optimized for keywords that real people are searching for. This in turn draws targeted visitors and establishes you as an authority in your field. You can then monetize these presold visitors via multiple streams of income.
Automatic Page Submission to Search Engines This is normally a specialized service for which you pay extra. Included – SBI! technology automatically submits your pages to all major Search Engines.
E-mail Address and Web Mail Access You might get one or two e-mail addresses but you have to set it up yourself or pay extra. Included – Unlimited e-mail addresses with your own WebMail system to manage them. Read messages online or have them redirected to your own e-mail client.
Contact Page and About Us Page These may or may not be included in your package. Included – We set up these pages. You can show visitors your online business with confidence.
Full Access Visitor Statistics and Search Engine Results Most Webmasters build a site and then leave you to get on with it. You have no way of reviewing Visitor or Search Engine statistics. Included – Detailed Traffic statistics (Visitor and Search Engines) available whenever you need them.
No Tech Stuff, We Do-It-For-You! You could spend hundreds of dollars per year for contract fees, phone calls and time wasted trying to understand complicated systems. Included – Specialist deals with all the "techie" stuff. No complicated packages for you to try and work out.
Fast Reliable Web hosting, Backups (No Upgrades) Often webmasters don’t mention this but it is vital to a site’s viability and stability. You often find out about these extra costs at the end of the build. Included – Your site is hosted on fast super-reliable servers that are backed up regularly and are always available. You know exactly what costs to expect before you order.
Quality Control Independent Webmasters often have no quality control and if you don’t like it, you have no backup. Included – Everything is thoroughly checked by you, your Specialist and SiteSell Services, ensuring that all procedures are followed properly.
Your Own Ongoing Dedicated Webmaster Skilled Webmasters are in great demand. If you want access to their skills, it costs a lot of money. Included – All the time your site is active within SiteSell Services, you have access to our highly trained Specialists (SBI! Webmasters).
Access to All SBI! Resources, Tools & Information You might need to spend hundreds of dollars per year for special tools, along with a significant learning curve for you. Included – SBI! is a proven system with more than 60 modules, all working together to deliver the best results. No complicated packages.

We Build Sites That Actually Work!

If you’re like many business owners, one of the following applies to your business and the Web…

  • You don’t have a Web site.
  • You have a Web site, but it’s embarrassing.
  • You have a sharp-looking Web site, but nobody visits it.

Wouldn’t you prefer a website that looks good
but, more importantly, actually works?


Any web designer can build a nice looking site… that’s the easy part!

Sitesell Services Successful businessmanBut you want a site that…

  • Delivers free targeted traffic from the search engines to increase your profits without the high cost and effort of traditional marketing means.
  • Provides you with an additional consistent stream of leads and sales.
  • Serves as a buffer against economic downturns, recessions, and low business cycles.
  • Establishes your brand and builds your business for you.
  • Frees up your time to allow you to do what you do best.

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