Premium WordPress Hosting

Premium WordPress® Webhosting Services for Our Clients

Smarter Web Solutions, LLC, is pleased to offer to our clients something new – Premium WordPress webhosting.

You may sign up with a third part webhosting service such as HostGator, BlueHost, etc (please, never use GoDaddy for website hosting). Typically, webhosting fees for a shared account is approximately $12 to $15 USD a month or so. You can get webhosting pretty cheap, but there is no upgrades, support, backups, or maintenance of the website. You are on your own.

Smarter Web Solutions, LLC will not only take care of hosting, but:

  • Perform WordPress and Plugins Updates – Because WordPress core, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugin updates come out on different dates, we will run a maintenance check on your website every 15 days, and update, as necessary the WordPress core software, themes, and plugins.
  • Check and Repair SQL Database – The SQL database on your website host is where WordPress stores everything – information about your themes, plugins, and all content for pages and posts. We will check the status and condition of the database and repair it if necessary.
  • Send you Email Updates Once a Month – Whenever we check your website, we will send you and email update with a summary of the work done, and any issues encountered and anything we fixed.
  • Secure Full Site Backups Off-Site – we will perform weekly off-site full backups to our Amazon S3 account. If you have your own Amazon S3 account and/or Dropbox account, we will set up the backups to these locations as well. If your website is ever hacked or compromised, we can reinstall the latest backup, and have your website up and running again quickly.
  • Security Check – We will install and maintain security plugins and other software such as Wordfence, Better WP Security, etc.
  • Perform Security Issues – If notified by that the website is undergoing an intrusion attack by hackers, will monitor, and if necessary, update the deny IP address database
  • Update and maintain Google Webmaster Tools – Give us access to Google Webmaster Tools and we will check for critical errors. If you do not have Google Webmaster Tools yet, just give me a gmail address that I can use to register for it, and we will install the script on your website.
  • Up to 20 Minutes Web Development Time – This 20 minutes of website development time can be used to do anything on your site, such as fixing a broken website after someone (not us) made changes, installing scripts, posting new articles, editing the header/footer, whatever you need. Turn around time requires 2 to 3 day notice. Note: monthly development time does not accrue and expires at the end of each calendar month. This alone is worth over $25 based on labor costs of $125 per hour.

The cost for Premium WordPress hosting is only $79 a month with all these benefits.

You can also sign up for standard WordPress hosting with us for only $20 per month. Please note that our Terms and Conditions for web hosting have been revised and updated.

Premium WordPress Hosting


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