Roseburg and Building a List

I want to tell you about something I discovered recently while on a trip to Roseburg, Oregon.

What I discovered changed my business, and just possible, might change yours.

But first, let me explain what I have been doing on the internet, and how it may hold the key to helping you monetize your website.

I have been quietly flying under the radar for the past year and a half, making money on the internet. How? By finding on-line markets with hungry buyers, creating websites, and selling digital (non-physical) products to these hungry buyers. I didn’t realize how well I had done on the internet this past year until after our taxes were calculated, and our bookkeeper informed me that with just one website – just one – I made over $2,000.

With just one of my several websites I made me over $2,000 last year. What is really funny is what I sell through that website. I sell a silly little ebook of plans on how to build a ping pong table.

A single website making $2,000 over a year won’t get me rich, but let me ask you a question.

“How many people do you know made any money at all from a website?”

To be honest, this success has not come easy. I have spent many hours laboring in front of a computer, analyzing markets, writing ebooks, crafting on-line salesletters, building websites, and building lists of customer’s contact information.

But back to my weekend at Roseburg and why it is important to you.

A few months ago, I traveled to Roseburg, Oregon, for a short overnight trip with friends. We had met our friends in church and we decided to travel together to attended a conference. I remember this weekend well because it was unseasonable hot, and while in Roseburg, our friend’s care was rammed by a SUV in a parking lot.

Our new friends own a local small business here in Central Oregon, and they have owned and run this business for over 10 years. They are the only supplier of their particular product line in Central and Eastern Oregon.

Over breakfast at Shari’s Restaurant on a Sunday morning, I asked them about their marketing efforts. They told me that they have a small yellow page ad in the phone book, advertise twice a year on the radio, and once in a while send out a direct mailing. They said they had a website, they think, but didn’t even know if it was on-line or not.

I then asked my business friends a very simple question:

“What do you do to stay in contact with your customer base?”

Their reply was – “We don’t”.

Over a third and then a fourth cup of coffee in Shari’s Restaurant, on that muggy Sunday morning, I told them what I did.

• How to peek inside a consumer’s mind and find out what people are already looking for on the internet before I even think about building a website.
• How to build a direct response website with pages built around the search phrases that my target audience is looking for.
• Why a single page direct response website can make more money than a website with 100 pages.
• How to get personal contact information from website visitors using a direct response website – and why they are more than glad to give you their personal information.
• Why building a list of customers is better than having money in the bank.
• How to automate building your list – all without lifting a finger.

My business friends had never heard any of this before. Doing business this way on the internet was news to them.

They became very excited. They could see the value of building a long term relationship with their customers by using a direct response website to build a list of loyal subscribers.


Because the money is in the list.

Just imagine having a subscriber list of 500 or 1,000 people. Imagine sending a well timed offer to your list with whom you have built a relationship over time.  What offers can you send to the people on your list?

Coupons.  Specials.  Limited time sales.

Or, how much do you think an advertiser would be willing to pay you so they could place a single ad in an eZine sent to your loyal and educated subscribers?

Without a doubt, the single biggest thing you could possibly do for your business today to make money on the internet tomorrow, is to build a list of subscribers.

And I am willing to help you do this.


Call 541-480-3113 today, ask for Mike, and discover how you can finally use the internet to increase sales for your business.

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