Being Online Means More Customers

Local Business Owners Need to Be Online

Whether local business owners realize it or not, they need an online presence. And it's not about giving their customers an online brochure.

More and more people are searching online for what they need — whether it's for the local dentist or to find a plumber or to see where the nearest "Thai" restaurant is located.

If they are not online, they are just plain losing customers.

The problem is they are often too busy running their companies. They suspect they're missing out, but don't have the time to make it happen. Or are afraid to try.

The typical Webmaster builds Web sites that the client wants to see.

Pretty but useless.

Typical Webmasters don't understand  C redarrowright T redarrowright P redarrowright M, nor do they have the right tools, so they don't build a solid foundation for their customers that actually drives traffic to the site.

The result is a nice site with no traffic.

And usually lots of money was spent.

Sound familiar?

The heart of understanding the difference between a website and a website that works, is C redarrowright T redarrowright P redarrowright M.

Without understanding and implementing this in your online marketing efforts, you are wasting time and money.

What is C redarrowright T redarrowright P redarrowright M?

Content => Traffic => Preselling => Monetization

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