Do It For Me

Online Marketing – Do It For Me?

Smarter Web Solutions, LLC on-line marketing services is your answer to the small business owners who want to have their own e-business built "for them" without the need for…

  • Overpriced Web "designers"   
  • Search engine "specialists"   
  • CGI bins, dancing babies, flying toasters, etc

With Smarter Web Solutions on your marketing team, small business owners concentrate on what they do best – RUNNING their business! 

Most small business owners don’t have the time or the willingness to  "DIY" ("Do It Yourself"). They want someone to "DIFM" ("Do It For Me").   Small businesses such as real estate agents, plumbers, fitness instructors, dentists, etc. 

You may have already wasted thousands on Web sites, never really understanding the difference between putting up a Web site and USING a Web site to grow your local business.  Or you may have yet to go through that pain.

Either way, there’s no reason for the pain.  Smarter Web Solutions is the cure. In a nutshell…

  1. Your business keeps you way too busy to build a truly effective Web site that will grow your main business.  
  2. As a result, team with someone else who knows how to "DIFM"…  when you understand that this is not about a "Web site."

Bottom line?

There is a difference between the DIY and DIFM mindsets.

And we can help.

Contact us today at 541-480-3113 to get your free marketing audit of your online marketing efforts.


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