Landing Page

What is a landing page?

Before you begin to try to build a successful list or create a powerful sales page to promote a product or service, you will want to understand what is different about landing pages.

In stark contrast to undifferentiated, unfocused home pages, landing pages focus specifically on capturing leads for a newsletter or making sales for a specific product – and make no attempt to give visitors a different option. This is the application of direct response strategies to on-line marketing.

A landing page is either buy or don’t buy. Subscribe or don’t subscribe. That is it!

Another common phrases that are often used to describe landing page, are “squeeze page”, “lead capture page”, “fly catcher page”, or “lead generation page”. A squeeze page is a page designed to get contact information which is usually the name and email address. Compared to a salesletter landing page, the content or length of a squeeze page is usually a lot smaller type of landing page, with an opt-in form in sight on the page when the page loads.

The content of your landing page visible on the monitor without scrolling down, is called “above the fold”. A well crafted squeeze page will have the opt-in form above the fold and in plain sight to the website visitor.

So what is important to discover about landing pages?

First, it is important to recognize that all successful on-line marketers use these. If you plan to sell a product over the internet, you will want to use one, rather than relying on sidebar opt-in forms and unfocused pages that do not convey a single point and a single call to action.

Secondly, every landing page contains the same parts and is focused on a SINGLE goal – getting the visitor to become a subscriber or buyer.

These parts are as follows:

  • an opt-in form (or sales prompt)
  • a brief or lengthy introduction
  • a picture of the list/product owner
  • the signature of the list owner
  • and a call to action (or multiple calls to action)

Determining which model will work best for you can simply only be done through testing. While many on-line marketers boast a high conversion rate and attribute it to the shortness of their introduction (many will be one short paragraph), other marketers will boast about a high conversion rate because they use lengthy, thorough, and compelling copy.

The only way to know which landing page model works best is to test and track. Test and track. The market will tell you what you should be doing. Test and track.

If there is anything you absolutely must take away from this introduction to landing pages, it is that you cannot create a landing page or squeeze page that isn’t focused.

Focus on your market.

Focus on your desired result.

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