Headlines and Sales

While driving to Paisley, Oregon on a recent camping trip, I had the opportunity to listen to John Carlton and Michael Fortin talk about copy writing. Copy writing is an incredibly important skill because based on the words you write people send you money. Which when you think about it, is pretty amazing.

Anyway, they talked about various things, but one of the important topics I got out of the conversation was creating and writing headlines that sell.

John Carlton reminded us that people are basically asleep. And we have to wake them up and get them excited and intrigued with our headline so they read our copy. And interested enough in what we are selling in our copy to open up their wallet and get the credit card out.

Use headlines that juxtapose things that are different. Go to the grocery store. Look at the headlines on glossy magazine covers and the National Inquirer. See how the headlines grab you?

I have a web site that sells ping pong table plans. The current headline is “How to Build Your Own Ping Pong Table and Save Hundreds”.

Pretty boring, huh?

My conversion rate is approximately 1.5% so I am doing “ok”, but that means 98.5% of the people that visit my sales letter never buy.

Time to experiment with headlines and do some split A/B testing. How about “How Three Bored Aussies Built Their Own Ping Pong Table and How You Can Too”? or how about “How Building a Ping Pong Table Can Be Easier Then Falling Off a Log”. Oh, pretty bad… copy writing is hard, isn’t it?

I will let you know how it goes…any suggestions on a better headline?


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Mike Darling