Pages Versus Posts – What is Best for SEO?

I have been asked this question before:  What is best for SEO?  WordPress Pages  versus Posts?

The answer is really easy if you know WordPress.  And if you know Search Engine Optimization.

The answer is-

it depends!

WordPress pages and posts are created differently and treated differently by WordPress.  They are used for different purposes.

A WordPress Post is time stamped, and typically displays it's date, category, and author name.  It is typically displayed in a website in a chronological order.  They also generate a ping upon creating or editing.  A Post is best for content that is added on a regular basis and for content that changes.  Like this blog post.  This is a post.  And this content is best displayed in a post.

Wordpress Pages on the other hand, do not have categories, or time stamps.  And they do not ping (unless a plugin is installed, which I have).

So Pages versus Posts?

Pages are best for content that does not change, or change very often.  Posts are more useful for displaying relevant, fresh content.

Wordpress can be used as a Content Management System (CMS) and display mostly pages.  And you can add a plugin to your WordPress installation designed to send an RSS ping whenever a page is added or edited.

You can and should have a "blog" section where your time-relevant and Social Media can interact.  You can and should add blog posts on a regular basis.  We can call it blog, or news, or whatever, but your website can and should have fresh and relevant content added as a blog post.  So yes, regular contributions of content should be added as posts not pages.

Save your static content for Pages.  Your Privacy Policy (you do have one don't you?), your terms and conditions, your contract information, and content that doesn't change or changes rarely should be on pages.

What about SEO?  What about Google on- and off-page SEO optimization?

Google has indicated that the next author rank update will make Panda update look like a teddy bear.  But on page SEO should not be neglected.

Write for people first but don't forget the search engines.  Therefore taking a little extra effort to have page/post title tags and meta tags properly filled out, is still important.  Most quality, premium WordPress themes come built-in with SEO support.  If not add a SEO plugin which encourages good practice of on-page SEO during creation of each post and page.

In summary, use WordPress Pages for static content that changes little, and use Posts for content that gets updated on a regular basis.

Add a plugin to ping RSS feeds from pages.

And lastly, add a ping optimizer plugin, which prevents the website from sending too many pings and then getting banned (every edit to a post or creating a new post sends a ping.  Lots of edits can result in lots of pings which can result in a blog/website getting  banned or delisted by ping sites.)

How Many Buy Now Buttons Do You Have?

How Many Buy Now Buttons Do You Have?

How much money you make online is directly related to how many active, working ‘Buy Now’ buttons you have online.

If you are trying to make money by selling digital information products, then you must have a website with a clickable "Buy Now" button linked to your PayPal account.  Actually, you must have LOTS of websites with "Buy Now" buttons.

Everyone – and I mean everyone – I talk to that struggles with making money online, uses "Buy Now" buttons the wrong way – they click them and get out their own credit card.  They are buyers not sellers.  They are spending money every month chasing the New Shiny Object.

In order to make money you must be a seller, not a buyer.

In order to make money you must have a website with a "Buy Now" button.

In order to make money online you absolutely must have lots of websites with "Buy Now" buttons on them.  Lots and lots of fish hooks in the water!

If you went fishing, and had high quality reels, expensive monofilament lines, the latest in fishing outdoor wear, but at the end of your expensive fishing line you had no hooks, no lures, nothing to hook a fish, how many fish would you catch?

Oh, you would say, I'm not sure that the fish would bite so I am just getting ready…

Ludicrous… You will not know if the fish will bite, and you absolutely will not catch any fish if you don't have a fish hook in the water.  Get a hook in the water and put some kind of bait on it!  You can change the bait, the lure, even the size of the hook, but you have to have a fish hook in the water before you can catch fish.

So how many digital fishhooks do you have in the water?

Be really honest with yourself now and answer this question:  How many websites do you have on-line with a "Buy Now" button or "Add to Shopping Cart" button?

Ten websites?  Five?

Do you even have one website up on-line with a valid working "Buy Now" button?

If you really want to be successful at marketing on the internet, then your mission, your goal is to get as many fishhooks in the water as possible over the next calendar year.

No excuses.

No compromises.

Focus each week on starting and completing a single website that will make you just $5 a day on passive income.  At the end of the month you will have four fishhooks in the water.  At the end of six months you will have 24 fishhooks in the water.  At the end of a year, you will have over 50 websites with "Buy Now" buttons.

Some will be duds.  Some will be real losers.  Most will be ok.  And a handful will perform beyond your expectations.

But it all comes to starting and completing your first website with an active "Buy Now" button.

Is this easy?  Is this push button?

No.  It is work.  And it will require effort and focus and drive and discipline.

But the reward is worth it.

What are you waiting for?  Get started today!  Set a goal for yourself to start and complete by one week from now, one website with a valid working "Buy Now" button.


Being Online Means More Customers

Local Business Owners Need to Be Online

Whether local business owners realize it or not, they need an online presence. And it's not about giving their customers an online brochure.

More and more people are searching online for what they need — whether it's for the local dentist or to find a plumber or to see where the nearest "Thai" restaurant is located.

If they are not online, they are just plain losing customers.

The problem is they are often too busy running their companies. They suspect they're missing out, but don't have the time to make it happen. Or are afraid to try.

The typical Webmaster builds Web sites that the client wants to see.

Pretty but useless.

Typical Webmasters don't understand  C redarrowright T redarrowright P redarrowright M, nor do they have the right tools, so they don't build a solid foundation for their customers that actually drives traffic to the site.

The result is a nice site with no traffic.

And usually lots of money was spent.

Sound familiar?

The heart of understanding the difference between a website and a website that works, is C redarrowright T redarrowright P redarrowright M.

Without understanding and implementing this in your online marketing efforts, you are wasting time and money.

What is C redarrowright T redarrowright P redarrowright M?

Content => Traffic => Preselling => Monetization

Click here to learn more about CTPM….

Do It For Me

Online Marketing – Do It For Me?

Smarter Web Solutions, LLC on-line marketing services is your answer to the small business owners who want to have their own e-business built "for them" without the need for…

  • Overpriced Web "designers"   
  • Search engine "specialists"   
  • CGI bins, dancing babies, flying toasters, etc

With Smarter Web Solutions on your marketing team, small business owners concentrate on what they do best – RUNNING their business! 

Most small business owners don’t have the time or the willingness to  "DIY" ("Do It Yourself"). They want someone to "DIFM" ("Do It For Me").   Small businesses such as real estate agents, plumbers, fitness instructors, dentists, etc. 

You may have already wasted thousands on Web sites, never really understanding the difference between putting up a Web site and USING a Web site to grow your local business.  Or you may have yet to go through that pain.

Either way, there’s no reason for the pain.  Smarter Web Solutions is the cure. In a nutshell…

  1. Your business keeps you way too busy to build a truly effective Web site that will grow your main business.  
  2. As a result, team with someone else who knows how to "DIFM"…  when you understand that this is not about a "Web site."

Bottom line?

There is a difference between the DIY and DIFM mindsets.

And we can help.

Contact us today at 541-480-3113 to get your free marketing audit of your online marketing efforts.